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Daiju Commodity Markets in Tokio and „Head of Emerging Markets“ Charles Fitzgerald

Daiju Commodity Markets, Shinjuku Center Building, 25-1, Nishishinjuku 1,  Tokio

Possible investors are contacted by telephone in most cases by what seems to be a “Japanese company,” Daiju Commodity Markets, Shinjuku Center Building, 25-1, Nishishinjuku 1, Tokyo, Japan ( This first telephone contact quickly turns out to be a consultation regarding investments, and during this consultation, the caller is often gaining the Applicant’s trust because of his serious demeanor, the company’s internet presence and their further communication.

A so-called investment expert from this company explaines in an extremely professional manner and in perfect English, various attractive-sounding investment options and suggests, among other things, that the investor could invest in “safe” gold options (call and put options). Then, this so-called expert introduces in general to “SPOFX,” an extremely professional-looking online portal belonging to “SAPPORO OPTIONS AND FUTURES EXCHANGE,” at, through which trades could be made.

During this process, the investor often receives a phone call from a so called Mr Charles Fitzgerald, who introduces himself as representative and then suggested investing part of the apparent profit elsewhere.

The contact details known so far are as follows:

Daiju Commodity Markets, Shinjuku Center Building, 25-1, Nishishinjuku 1, Tokyo, Japan, Telephone: +81 3 45704310, Fax: +81 3 67459537, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The following so called persons, among others, appear in relation to this company:

  • Ruri Morita, PR Daiju Commodity Markets
  • Reginald Dupre, Trading Advisor
  • Alex Olsen, Trading Advisor
  • Charles Fitzgerald as “Head of Emerging Markets”

Warnings of various financial market supervisory bodies regarding Daiju Commodity Markets:

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