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Contracts and GTC - Your Law Firm Innsbruck/Tyrol

Drafting contracts and GTC – consent not conflict

We provide solid support and advice when you draft contracts and General Terms and Conditions of Business. What you want to avoid is surprises. Precisely drafted contracts and GTCs with legally conforming content will do exactly that.

We can assist and advise you in negotiations and in the drafting or reviewing of contracts:

  • General Terms and Conditions and any supplemental contracts
  • Freehold flat contracts
  • Property and building contractor contracts
  • Company purchase agreements and articles of association
  • Miscellaneous purchase and exchange agreements
  • Rent and tenancy agreements
  • Service and work contracts
  • Prenuptial agreements, wills, etc.
  • License, franchise, software and hardware agreements

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Contracts and GTC - Contracts and GTC