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Criminal law is a segment of public law characterized by the superiority and subordination of the parties involved in the proceedings (more specifically, the state is superior to the citizen). It includes all legal standards defining the prerequisites for a criminal offense, as well as its legal consequences. Criminal law protects the elementary legal interests, such as protecting life and body, property, honor and dignity or assets and therefore, it preserves the acceptance and retention of country’s legal system. In addition to the redemption of guilt, one of the primary reasons for punishment under the criminal code is to prevent other criminal offenses.

Although most people tend to associate the term “Criminal Law“ with robbery and murder and assume that they would probably never be subjected to criminal proceedings, it cannot be ruled out that everyone could potentially risk criminal proceedings resulting from ordinary day-to-day occurrences. Therefore it is an advantage to have an attorney specializing in this legal field at your disposal to mitigate the legal consequences. 

We generally must differentiate between criminal proceedings initiated by public law authorities pursuant to the administrative law (VStG), or by a criminal court pursuant to the criminal code (StGB). Different laws and proceedings will apply based on this determination.

We will assist you with all aspects of criminal law and criminal defense and help you to exercise your rights in a non-bureaucratic manner. We will represent you before the authorities and responsible court systems and review the relevant files to determine the accusations against you in advance, as well as assess the evidence the authorities have against you, we will accompany you to during the interrogation process as a defendant and define the best tactics to apply during criminal and court proceedings in collaboration with you.  We will also assist you as a victim of a criminal offense in the criminal proceedings against the defendant and in asserting your damage claims.

Administrative Law – Legal Representation before the Authorities

Violations of certain laws, such as building codes, road traffic regulations or commercial codes are punishable by the administrative authorities. The first instance districts are typically the administrative authorities (District Commission, Magistrate or the State Law Enforcement Agency) responsible for the sector in which the transgression has been committed.

Depending on the offense and range of punishment, administrative offenses may be handled within the scope of legal notifications, anonymous orders, juridical instructions or proper administrative penal proceedings. An objection to a decision rendered by the first instance court may be filed with the appropriate administrative court (State Administrative Court, Federal Administrative Court or the Federal Fiscal Court). Criminal offenses against the commercial code particularly bear a financial risk for businesses and companies.

We will assist in preventing administrative transgressions or limit the damages resulting from administrative transgressions committed.

Corporate Criminal Law and Financial Criminal Law - Law Experts Combine Corporate Law Competency with Criminal Law Expertise

The most recent spectacular commercial cases demonstrated that corporate and management activities do not only affect civil aspects, but also increasingly affect aspects in the criminal law segment. Major bank and corporate crisis leading up to extensive insolvency proceedings can often be attributed to negligent company decisions. The increasing international focus on white collar crime and criminal investigations in this segment resulted in major cross-country criminal proceedings.

Law Experts Attorneys combine specialized know-how in corporate law with the relevant experience in criminal defense and criminal law. We not only assist you with pending criminal proceedings, we also provide preventive consulting services to prevent or minimize potential legal risks within your company (Legal Compliance).

Law Experts Attorneys combine extensive litigation experience and commercial expertise with criminal expertise. 

Our law firm will specifically assist you in the following areas: 

  • Professional and committed representation before law enforcement, administrative authorities, fiscal authorities, public prosecutor and the court system
  • Representing your rights during investigative proceedings and filing motions to dismiss criminal charges prior to the actual trial date
  • Representing your rights before the relevant court during trial
  • Representing your rights during pre-trail detention and/or imprisonment, within the scope of a search warrant or seizure of property and documents
  • Preparing and presenting legal remedies against decisions, such as nullity appeals and appeals
  • Representing private parties and victim protection 
  • Presenting statements impacted by illegal activities to the public prosecutor on behalf of the client
  • Advising the executive board / executive management regarding company procedures to prevent legal issues in advance
  • Consulting services and legal representation in criminal and fiscal offenses before courts and administrative authorities
  • Compliance consulting services

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Criminal Law - Criminal Law, White Collar Crime and Financial Criminal Law