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Why Law Experts: The 5 Law Experts Guarantees - Law Experts Attorneys

Law Experts Attorneys - A Special Law Firm

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Law Experts Attorneys is different. We spend a lot of time with each individual client and case. Because of this, we only handle a limited number of cases at the same time.

We provide you with individual support and our services are precisely tailored to your needs. We only accept a new case if we can guarantee perfect processing and advice and if the matter in question falls within our areas of expertise.

Law Experts Attorneys is bound only to you. We have no framework agreements or special contractual relationships with insurance companies, such as legal expenses insurance companies, banks or authorities, so we can absolutely and independently represent your interests, without any outside influence.

As our client, you can rely on our 5 Law Experts guarantees:

  1. Our Exclusivity Guarantee: We serve only a limited number of cases and clients per year. This guarantees that we will represent and advise you exclusively, quickly and competently according to the highest standards and that we will be fully committed to pursuing each of your concerns. As your lawyers, we’re on your side only and we give you 100%.
  2. Our Guarantee of Excellence: Only the best of the best is good enough for our clients. Therefore, we spare no effort and no expense in order to achieve the best results for our clients. This also means that we always provide independent information on all the advantages and disadvantages of different procedures and prefer an advantageous settlement in favor of our clients to a legal dispute.
  3. Our Specialization Guarantee: We only accept clients for whom we can provide perfect all-round support according to our areas of expertise. In contrast to traditional “general law firms,” Law Experts is a Boutique Law Firm. Our experts offer you their extraordinary expertise and practical experience. This guarantees efficient and effective support.
  4. Our Individual Support Guarantee: Depending on your area of law, you will always be individually and personally supported by one of our partner attorneys. All activities are carried out in personal consultation with you by the attorney responsible for your case. If your case requires it, our team of experts will advise you under the guidance of your chosen attorney.
  5. Our Best Service Guarantee: We guarantee that we will individually tailor all of our services to your case and to your needs, and that our law firm will serve you according to our high quality standards.


We Represent Your Interests Throughout Austria - Internationally Awarded Law Experts Attorneys

The internationally distinguished Law Experts Attorneys-at-Law have locations/offices in Innsbruck (Principal Office), Telfs and Vienna, as well as a network of partner law firms throughout Austria and worldwide. Our law firm furthermore not only has the best contacts internationally, but also regionally.

You can find more information on client satisfaction, our professional memberships and distinctions received, as well as our team, below:

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The 5 Law Experts Guarantees - Why Law Experts: The Five Law Experts Guarantees