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Cryptofundfx Ltd., 50 Jeremyn St, St. James’s London SW1Y 6LX, United Kingdom

Warning from the Financial Market Authority in Austria regarding Cryptofundfx Ltd.

The FMA can inform the public through an announcement on the Internet or in a newspaper that is distributed throughout Germany that a named natural or legal person is not entitled to carry out certain banking transactions (Section 1 (1) BWG) if this person has given cause to do so and information to the public is necessary and proportionate with regard to possible disadvantages for the person concerned.

With an announcement in the official gazette of the Wiener Zeitung on Jnauary 26th, 2021, the FMA announces that the

Cryptofundfx Ltd. (Investor warning in Austria)

Address: 50 Jermyn St, St. James's, London SW1Y 6LX, Vereinigtes Königreich ; Chemin du Canal 5, 1260 Nyon, Schweiz ; 207 Bank St #452, Ottawa, ON K2P 2N2, Kanada

Telephone: +442080680819, +16139270564, +61279083549

Email: contact[@]


is not authorized to conduct banking business in Austria that requires a license. The provider is therefore not permitted to trade commercially (Section 1, Paragraph 1, Item 7 BWG).

Procedure of Cryptofundfx Ltd., various consultants involved

Cryptofundfx Ltd is a company operated by Cryptofundfx and appears to be registered in Munich, Germany, according to its website. It is seemingly entitled to offer trading in contracts for difference (CFD) on crypto currencies. The financial products offered from the company Cryptofundfx Ltd. include Contracts for Differences („CFDs“) and other complex financial products. The Cryptofundfx Ltd. apparently strives to be the „best“ broker in the cryptocurrency trading industry. It offers seemingly profitable, easy „trading“ with the „latest technology“ for every single trader, with „endless investment options“. In addition, you are assured that the service team would take care of the individual matters around the clock, 5 days a week. Nevertheless, it has already been reported several times that, for example, no one can be reached via online support or no response is received via e-mail. The first contact is typically made via e-mail or phone. The most common reported contact appears to have been with a woman apparently named „LillyAnn Murin“.

It must be noted that there will always be some positive reviews for such „broker“ sites warned by the FMA, which could either be „fake“ or possibly from „traders“ at the beginning of their process, as to this time, one only got positive things conveyed to them. These messages are intended to attract new potential „traders“. The negative reviews, however, are not very confidence inspiring, as for example you can find that various people reported to Cryptofundfx Ltd. that they were „persuaded“ to carry out more and more transactions. If people refused, they were apparently treated with derogation and in addition they could seemingly not access the „invested“ money for months or even not at all. After all, the responsible „professional advisors“ were apparently no longer available.

Recommended procedure before concluding a contract

If you are not 100% sure about the seriousness of such providers, you should conduct intensive research before contacting such trading platforms and take specialist advice from consumer protection organizations or sepcialized lawyers in advance. Potential customers should keep in mind that much of the information that is easily accessible and available on the internet has not been checked or verifide and therefore it cannot be ensured that experience reports or information actually come from reputable sources and correspond to the truth.

Procedure after the conclusion of the contract and after a transfer / after losses

Our law firm regularly handles national and international criminal and fraud cases and has already succesfully supported a large number of clients in civil and criminal law. When it comes to securing assets and freezing accounts, it is recommended that you seek help as soon as possible.

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