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Debt collection – fast collection is efficient collection

If your customers don’t pay, you go bust. Payment default is one of the main reasons for bankruptcy. One single large order which remains unpaid can lead to insolvency.
To reduce the risks of a default in payment, we recommend that you instruct us straight after the first lapse of the deadline set by you. 

A letter requesting payment from a lawyer is a clear signal that legal proceedings will follow. This is more effective than handing the case to a debt collecting agency. The faster you make your claim, the higher your chances of getting paid.

Cross-border debt collection within the European Union has become easier as well. We can handle that for you. In case the debtor does not pay we can use a European Enforcement Order.

Our  approach for  debt collection is as follows:

  • Once we receive your open invoice, we send out a letter stating the claim with interest and reminder costs.
  • Should your debtor pay, you will immediately receive your money plus interest. 
  • In case the debtor does not pay by a set deadline, we will discuss with you whether further reminders make sense.
  • One option will be going to court. We will only do this if there is a reasonable chance that the outstanding payments can be collected after the court case.

We can represent your interests throughout Austria.

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Debt Collection - Debt Collection