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Austrian consumer protection - “The right of Mr Average”

As the “right of Mr Average”, consumer protection in Austria covers those legal norms which serve to protect the consumer. The Consumer Protection Act in particular has repercussions on legal transactions between traders and consumers. The aim is to in particular compensate the inequality between traders and consumers typically created by economic inferiority, lack of legal expertise or psychological pressure, by offering consumers special protection.

The protective regulations of the Consumer Protection Act - such as, inter alia, the right of withdrawal granted - help the consumer to preserve his or her rights and pull out of transactions that have been concluded in too much of a hurry.

The Consumer Protection Act helps the consumer in his or her often inferior position, which is due to lack of legal expertise, and empowers all those traders who offer their services in a serious and transparent manner. Only due to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act is it possible to efficiently take action against dubious providers, and dissolve contracts that are not transparent.

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Law Articles - Austrian consumer protection - “The right of Mr Average”