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General remarks on building in Austria

In Austria, the building regulations and regulations regarding eligibility for state subsidies are subject to the state legislation, i.e. there are numerous laws and ordinances which are regulated differently from one federal state to another.

Since there is already a lot to which attention needs to be paid when purchasing the plot of land, organising the building project, in regard to the submission criteria for planning permission and in matters relating to finance, it is recommended to engage in careful, well thought-out planning.

Generally, a written application for planning permission needs to be filed with the responsible authority, or a construction notification issued, in order to obtain permission to carry out the building project.

The documents required are usually the following:

  • Construction plans
  • Written building specifications
  • Evidence of land ownership
  • Static calculations
  • Energy certificate
  • etc.

Depending upon the building project, the neighbours will be informed about your building project. Constructions negotiations (a meeting with owners of adjoining property) may also take place. At the construction negotiations, all persons and authorities involved will be given the opportunity to assert their rights and interests.

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