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Your Law Firm in Innsbruck, Your Lawyers in the Heart of Europe – Lawyers Innsbruck, Tyrol

With passion at your side - Lawyers Innsbruck, Tyrol

In this changing world, the legal framework of our living and working environment modifies with it. This makes it all the more important to have a lawyer at your side who you can trust with all your legal and business affairs.


Listening and finding individual solutions - Lawyer Tyrol

Giving time to your concerns is a matter of course to us.  Listening and goal-oriented discussions are the basis upon which we can develop the best strategy and approach for following up your individual legal rights. A lawsuit is not always the best way; it is rather a creative approach in the search for a solution that often leads to an optimum outcome.

In cooperation with other experts, we do not only deliver legal services of high quality, but also take into consideration business issues and economic implications. 


Discrete and comprehensive representation - Lawyers Innsbruck, Tyrol

Giving us your mandate will provide you with the certainty that you will be counselled, represented and cared for in a discrete and comprehensive manner. This does not only apply to legal issues, but also to strategic business interests.

Briefing us means that you have won a partner, your lawyer, you can trust, leaving you time and resources for other business or leisure activities.


Law Experts office - Lawyers Innsbruck, Tyrol

As internationally active lawyers, we are specialised in counselling and advising national and international businesses and private individuals, particularly in the areas of contract law, conveyancing and real estate law, corporate and commercial law as well as civil law including the conduct of lawsuits. Due to high qualifications, good local connections and a strong nation-wide network, we are in the position to optimally represent your legal interests and obtain your rights.

Expert know-how in the areas of business foundations and management, contract drafting and negotiating as well as case conduct and technique give you the security of knowing that you are being represented by an experienced practitioner.


Lawyers with passion, crossing boundaries - Lawyer Innsbruck, Tyrol

As young and highly qualified lawyers with international experience, we have made it our motto, next to local representation, to bridge boundaries.

Bridging boundaries, means to us not only taking care of national and international networks but – based on experience – also considering alternative approaches to finding solutions and to think one step further. The aim is to always have your interests in sight.


Flexibility and precision - Lawyer Innsbruck, Tyrol

With high flexibility, speed at the right time and precision in our working and organisational style, our law office is the right partner for people and businesses who put emphasis on getting results.


Law Experts – well connected is half the battle won - Lawyer Innsbruck, Tyrol

The mass of legal norms, particularly at time in which not only national but also international and EU laws are becoming evermore relevant, are difficult to comprehend and understand.  Serious and reliable legal counselling and representation is now only possible by working together and in cooperation with other specialists.

Law Experts is such a cooperation of specialists.  Whether lawyers, tax or company advisors, professionals and economic experts.  Whether in Germany, Italy or Denmark.


Specialised, competent and consequent - Lawyer Innsbruck, Tyrol

Serious legal advice requires specialist knowledge. Our specialist areas:

  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Drafting contracts and General Terms of Conditions of Business (GTC)
  • Property and tenancy law, Real estate
  • Corporate and commercial law
  • Transport law
  • Distribution law
  • Employment law
  • IT and IP law

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More about our specialist areas of law:


Drafting contracts and GTC – consent not conflict - Lawyer InnsbruckSide Wohnrecht

As lawyers experienced in the different areas of company and consumer law, we can offer you the best support in drawing up your contracts and general terms of conditions of business.
Precisely drafted contracts and GTCs with legally conforming content give you the best possible protection from unwanted surprises.

Our law office can assist you in your negotiations, setting up your contract and review in the following agreements:

  • General Terms and Conditions and any supplemental contracts
  • Freehold flat contracts
  • Property and building contractor contracts
  • Company purchase agreements and articles of association
  • Miscellaneous purchase and exchange agreements
  • Rent and tenancy agreements
  • Service and work contracts
  • Prenuptial agreements, wills, etc.
  • License, franchise, software and hardware agreements


Real estate law – property transactions made simple - Lawyer Innsbruck

Our law office’s experience in real estate projects can leave you rest assured that your purchase or sale of property or building project will be successfully completed.

As a member of the Trustee Association of the Tyrolean Bar Association, we guarantee both contracting parties optimum security during the entire contractual execution – from signing to transfer.  An undertaken trusteeship is recorded in the trust register, also affording comprehensive insurance protection.

Taking a closer look at tenancy law and rights of residence - Lawyers Innsbruck

The regulations governing tenancy law are complex and have not been revised for many years.  This means that it is strongly advisable to get legal advice in the formulation of rent agreements.

We can help you to quickly and unbureaucratically acquire your freehold flat, assist you in sorting out any problems arising in a freehold flat community or answer any questions in this respect.

Our law office can assist you in particular in the negotiation, review and drafting of the following contracts:

  • Freehold flat contracts
  • Building contractor agreements
  • Service and work contracts
  • Rent and tenancy agreements

Corporate and commercial law – all-round legal assistance - Lawyer InnsbruckSide Wirtschaft

Our experience as project manager, company advisor and lecturer gives you and your company that decisive extra know-how in order to properly consolidate, develop or newly found your business.

We can advise you with the knowledge and experience of a practitioner, having been an enterpriser on the market myself, experiencing the hidden drawbacks in the enterprising world.

It is not only the legal questions that can be dealt with, but all aspects around your project can be managed and advised upon.  We can especially legally represent your business in specific project proceedings and point out the relevant legal aspects (such as burden of proof, duty of documentation etc) right from the beginning. 

Our law office is your reliable partner in any issues of civil law that arise, such as real estate contracts, easements issues and tenders, operation authorisations and legal procedures regarding nature protection and commercial licences.

In particular, our law office can offer you the following services:

  • Company and business set up
  • Business plan and start-up assistance
  • Right form of enterprise and place of business
  • Assistance in connecting to national and international contacts
  • Reforming, restructuring and company takeovers
  • Handling subventions and financing as well as holding negotiations with banks, business partners, suppliers, public authorities etc.
  • Determining tax issues in cooperation with established tax advisors
  • Clarification of questions regarding liability, competition and intellectual property


Side Konsumentenschutz

Civil law and legal proceedings, consumer protection law – from A to Z - Lawyers Innsbruck

General civil law touches all aspects of our lives.  From civil nuisance to compensation for damages, from rescission of a contract to guarantee.  Also, most disputes are dealt with in civil proceedings.

Consumer protection rights, a special part of civil law, is an aspect of law that, whether conscious to us or not, we are in contact with every day – no matter whether we buy a train ticket or a flat, whether we enter into a contract for a telephone, insurance or credit card or even if we order a book on the internet.  Only then when we experience problems, does it become clear to us that we have entered into a contract, that in many cases fall within the realms of consumer protection law.

Our many years of experience in civil and consumer protection law makes my law office your reliable partner whether consumer or business.

Our law office can particularly assist you in your questions and problems in the following areas:

  • Legal proceedings in civil law and arbitration matters
  • Purchase contracts, guarantees and warranties
  • Loan contracts, payments, standing surety
  • Compensation for damages
  • Withdrawal from contractual business
  • Investments and consultant liability
  • Insurance contracts
  • Mail-order and internet
  • Travel contracts and travel complaints


Debt collection – fast collection is efficient collection - Lawyer InnsbruckSide Wirtschaft

Payment default of rightful demands are becoming one of the greatest reasons for insolvency of businesses.  Quite often, an unpaid single large order can lead to insolvency.
In order to minimise the risks of a default in payment, we recommend you instruct our law office even after the first lapse of the deadline set by you.  As a letter requesting payment from a lawyer usually means the threat of legal proceedings, the immediate mandate to our law firm is in most cases far more effective than giving it to a debt collecting agency.
The faster you get to an executionable legal claim against a debtor, the higher your chances are of actually getting paid the outstanding amount through enforcement proceedings.
Cross-border debt collection within the European Union has become easier in recent times, which we can carry out for you.  Should a claim not be defended, our law office can carry out enforcement using a European Enforcement Order against your debtor.

Our approach to debt collection is as follows:

  • Upon receiving your open invoice, we send out a lawyer’s reminder letter to your debtor, which sets out the claim together with interest, reminder costs and my costs.
  • Should your debtor pay, we shall transfer to you the outstanding payment together with interest and reminder costs immediately to your bank account.  You do not have any costs.
  • Should no payment have been received after expiry of the payment deadline, we look at the economically tenability of further demand steps and inform you about them.
  • Should your demand be enforceable, upon your agreement we shall commence legal proceedings and, should it become necessary, carry out enforcement once the execution proceedings have been completed.
  • As soon as we have been able to collect your claim, we shall transfer to you the outstanding payment, the interest and your reminder costs.  Our costs are to be carried in their entirety by your debtor and therefore you have no costs.


Employment Law – with respect and trust - Lawyer InnsbruckSide Arbeitsrecht

Differences of opinion in the areas of work and labour rights tend to be emotionally charged.  That special basis of trust between employer and employee and their individual histories sometimes make it impossible to come to a solution out of court.  Even during these very difficult encounters, we always endeavour to give compromise a chance and to attain for both sides a reasonable and financially acceptable solution.

We advise and represent in all employment and labour law questions, whether you are an employee, a civil servant or business.

Our advice and representation encompasses in particular:

  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • Assistance in commencing and terminating employment relationships
  • Advice on prohibition of competition, non-compete clauses, settlement structures etc.
  • Exercise and defense of claims in labour and social courts
  • Advice on commercial agent regulations and contracts
  • Help in cases of mobbing


IT & IP Law, Information and communication technology,
without technology nothing works - Lawyer Innsbruck
Side It Ip

Legal services in the area of information and communications technology (ICT) not only require legal but also technical know-how.

Dr Wiesflecker was active in this area for more than 10 years as an ICT expert, project manager and company advisor and knows ICT from A-Z.

To put together a service contract is not enough, such as only reviewing the legal circumstances. It is far more decisive to be able to recognize the weak spots in a project, a network, in the cabling of a network or in the area of the provision of the corresponding IT services and to see how the service contract can be made secure.

Our law office offers you:

  • Drawing up and review of contracts regarding ICT such as service contracts, hardware and software contract, licences and provider contracts.
  • Drawing up and review of GTCs regarding ICT.
  • Advice in E-commerce
  • Data protection law
  • Domain law
  • Legal boundaries of internet marketing.



Intellectual property – creativity & ideas require protection - Lawyer InnsbruckSide Vertragsrecht

No enterprise can be without it.  The Idea.  If you’ve got one, then get it protected. We can advise and assist you with the registration of prototypes, trademarks and patents.  We will not only look to see if there are any possible older protection rights and/or registration difficulties, but also whether there are the basic requirements for the protection of your idea: distinctive characteristics and originality.
Naturally, you can also come to us with your questions on intellectual property and competition rights on a confidential basis.

Our law office can particularly assist you in the following areas:

  • All services regarding prototype and trademark rights such as, e.g., Trademark protection
  • Transfer/licensing of protected rights
  • Patent rights (in cooperation with patent attorneys)
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Competition rights

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Specialist Areas

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