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EU Citizenship, European Citizenship – Does this exist? – More about European Citizenship - Law Experts Attorneys

The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 28 independent member states, after the Brexit of UK of 27 states, that are located primarily in Europe and which are connected through their history, regulations and trade. The EU isn’t a government, an association of states, or an international organization.

Under Article 20 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) and Article 9 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU), every person holding the nationality of a Member State is a citizen of the Union. Thus, nationality is defined according to the national laws. Citizenship of the Union is complementary to, but does not replace, national citizenship.

Therefore, any person who holds the nationality of an EU country is automatically also an EU citizen. Citizenship of the European Union is conferred directly on every EU citizen by the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU. EU citizenship is additional to and does not replace national citizenship. It is for each EU country to lay down the conditions for the acquisition and loss of nationality of that country.


What rights do you have as an EU citizen? – More about European Citizenship and EU Residence Permit - Law Experts Attorneys

EU citizenship comprises a number of rights and duties in addition to those stemming from citizenship of a Member State. For an EU citizen of the European Union i.a. the following rights apply:

  • To non-discrimination on the basis of nationality
  • To move and reside freely within the EU
  • To be protected by the diplomatic and consular authorities of any other EU country
  • The right to vote and to stand as a candidate in EU elections

How to become a citizen of the European Union (EU)? – More about European Citizenship - Law Experts Attorneys

One possibility is to become a citizen of Austria which is a member state of the EU and located in the heart of Europe. With an Austrian citizenship you can live and work in Austria or in another country of the European Union. The Austrian passport offers visa-free travelling, and is one of the very best travel documents in the world. The requirements for obtaining Austrian citizenship are laid down in the Austrian Citizenship Act and presents part of the general prerequisites for naturalisation.

In general, the first step to European citizenship is to achieve a residence permit in one EU state. In Austria, foreign nationals can also qualify for the expedited citizenship if they already made or will make a significant economic, athletic, scientific, and/or cultural contribution to the country.


What is an EU Residence Permit? More about Residence Permits in Europe - Law Experts Attorneys

If you have stayed legally in an EU country for five years, you may be entitled to be given a "long-term resident" status. Thus, the residence permit "Long-term resident - EU" ("Daueraufenthalt EU") can be granted to Third-country nationals who have resided legally and continuously in an EU state for five years immediately prior to the application.

The EU residence permit granted by a Schengen State will allow you to reside in another Schengen State for up to 90 days. To stay longer you must apply for a national residence permit from the other Member State.

The residence permit "Long-term resident - EU" grants permanent right of residence and free access to the labour market for third country nationals. A residence permit is also the regular basis for a citizenship application.


Your European Citizenship & European Residence Permit, Tailor-Made Solutions, Law Experts Attorneys

An EU residence permit or EU citizenship allows you to live in the EU and travel through Europe (including all Schengen states) without worrying about a visa.

There are a number of different types of residence permits and the legal regulations are changing permanently. Thus, only a spezialized law firm is able to guide you through the jungle of regulations. We will help you to find the one most suitable for you.

An residence permit is also the basis for a citizenship application. A citizenship can be granted after some years of e.g. legal residence in Austria. We support you in this process as a matter of course.

We are glad to advise you on these issues and suitable investment opportunities, provide you with contacts to the competent authorities and ministries, and finally prepare and submit your application to the responsible governmental departments.


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As specialists for residence and citizenship with longstanding experience, we guarantee you best services and know-how. All our lawyers are experts in the field of immigration, registered at the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE).

Being part of a network of well-known and serious European law firms allows us to successfully organise all necessities at the authorities on your behalf. Be on the save side from the first moment!

Our services and your benefits:

  • Exclusive and tailor-made Solutions throughout Europe.
  • Advice and support by experienced and specialized lawyers.
  • Local know-how and connections.
  • Support from the first until the last step.

The internationally distinguished Law Experts Attorneys-at-Law have a network of partner law firms throughout Europe. In cooperation with our partner firms we represent your interests throughout Europe.

We guarantee you that your legal matter will be given maximum attention, be treated with the utmost precision, and be handled exclusively by highly qualified Law Experts. As your lawyers of choice, we will be there to assist you and provide 100% support.

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Your Attorney at Law for European Citizenship & European Residence Permit, EU - Your Attorney at Law for European Citizenship & European Residence Permit, EU

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