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IR Global - The world's largest group of advisers featured exclusively by practice area expertise

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Law Experts are glad to be an exclusive member of the IR Global Group. IR Global is a worldwide group of over 800 members from around the world and operates across Legal, Accountancy, Financial and Transaction Services. The group has representatives in over 150 jurisdictions and offers the world’s largest vetted network of leading firms.

The vetting process ensures all firms are of the highest quality and also have a shared ethos of ethical networking and client service. This subsequently offers a group which is not just renowned for the quality of the firms but also the individuals within. Membership offers our clients an unrivalled network of approved advisers in every jurisdiction which can assist them with all of their international requirements. Likewise, we are recommended to all other IR members and their clients, for when they have needs within Austria.
We share the same determination as Mag. Gamsjäger and Dr. Wiesflecker in offering clients the highest quality of innovative legal advice. On behalf of IR Global, I am delighted to recommend this firm and we are extremely proud to work closely with Law Experts Attorneys.– Thomas Wheeler, Managing Director of IR Global